Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Deck: catching up on non Fallout 3 games

with school slowing up to once a week and sometimes once every other week, i've had some time to play some games. most of that time has been with fallout 3. the game is insane. period. i can't help but play this any spare second i get. but, i did manage to play some other games while i pried my copy of Fallout 3 out of my deck.

Call of Duty 4

for my multi-player fix, i dropped into COD4 again. sorry, warhawk. i really need to play you more. after double xp weekend a few weeks ago, (well, more like months ago) i chilled out on COD4 for a while. catching you up, i'm at level 37 and i'm starting the shotgun challenges. i'm not doing so well with the transition from my mini-uzi/MP5/M16A4 combo to any shotguns. team deathmatch and domination games have left me shot the fuck up in numerous times. in the end, i put COD4 down to play fallout 3.


the old standby. then i realized that the movie studio wasn't out until later in the week, at the time. i put it down to play fallout 3.

Burnout Paradise

jumped back in the play some online since i hadn't played in a while. played a few stuntruns, losing badly i might add. got four trophies. sweet deal. did some freeburn challenges. then jumped back into single player. rocked stuntruns and won all but one before moving to road rage where i promptly flattened out the opposition. to check my stats, hit the jump and see the carnage.

the return of Oblivion

after being lent out to a friend for upwards of three months, i got back my copy of Oblivion. last left off, i was at level 35 with me being knee deep in the shivering isles quests. i currently have two saves. one where i'm close to the end of the game and one where i'm dicking around dungeon crawling and finding random quests and weapons. it's a fun time and it's brand new again. even after some, at last count, 370 hours played. it was almost like i was playing fallout 3. so that leads us to.................

Fallout 3

yeah. you may have read about this one. i'm working on a few quests at a time. i just finished one where you have to go to the Lincoln Memorial and do...something. sorry, no spoilers here. all you need to know is that shooting was plentiful and there was no shortage of targets. i'm doing a quest were i'm picking up a rare drink for a collector that's obsessed with it. it seems to be everywhere, but after going to the factory and finding the shipping list, i'm finding that the places where it was shipped is filled with crazy people. it's a good time.

also, i've been trying to find all the schematics for the special weapons. i have the parts for the railway gun. (which i posted a video showing the head blasting goodness) my new quest is to find the Shishkabob, the gun-powered flaming sword you make out of a lawnmower blade, a motorcycle gas tank, a pilot light and something else. the outcome is awesomeness. as seen here:

did i mention a FUCKING FLAMING SWORD!!!! props to shebut for the vid.

back to fallout 3. later.


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