Tuesday, November 11, 2008

reason #7272 why i should/should't get a 360

shit like this is alot of the reason why i don't want to get a 360. also the failure rate bothers me as well, but the general population of chuckleheads on Xbox live is a close second. something like this, while hilarious, would drive me more into the (mostly) vacuumous, speechless void that is PSN. COD4 has been VERY vocal about the new world at war COD, oddly enough.......go figure.

fallout 3 is the SHIT!


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Maximilian said...

I gotta say J, Xbox Live on the 360 is way better than the original Xbox. There are still plenty of chuckleheads, but you can mute them, boot them, or if they say inflammatory things: report them. After you play with people who are cool, it's easy to get in touch again. Also, it's so easy to just play with friends who aren't idiots that I mainly just do that. It's nice that Wii finally has online games, but there you're dealing with only friends, and we won't have voice chat until Animal Crossing drops soon. I can't compare either to PSN, but Xbox Live idiots aren't the problem they used to be... And in this video, the kid is playing the old school Xbox.

BTW, how crazy is it we were both planning on posting this?