Friday, December 12, 2008

Samurai Shodown Anthology FINALLY Revealed?

While putting finishing touches on my upcoming Wii Holiday Game Gift Guide (it's almost done...), I did a search on Amazon, and saw one of the results was a listing for Samurai Shodown Anthology, due to drop February 24th on the Wii! Now I don't know about you, but I've loved the Samurai Shodown franchise since the get go, when you could find arcade cabinets of it anywhere. More than just a fighter, like the Street Fighter II and the like, this was weapons fighting, where you could lose your sword--or your life! I have been dying to find out when this collection was coming out! There hasn't been much information about it either (it was announced loooooooooonng ago), as SNK was apparently undecided about how many of the Samurai Shodown games to release as downloadable titles. So far they've released the first one on Wii's Virtual Console, and Samurai Shodown II on XBLA. These releases have been tempting to me, but I decided to wait to see if the Anthology would ever materialize. Well, it looks like it has...Finally I might add!

There's little info to be gleaned from its Amazon listing, but it looks like the game will include six titles (I'm assuming Samurai Shodown 1-6, as it proclaims it will be the first time 6 has been released in the states) and will cost $29.99! I may have missed the announcement and am carrying on over old news, but this is some exciting shit!


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