Tuesday, December 16, 2008

good news/bad news for fallout 3

in case you didn't know, fallout 3 got it's patch, fixing a number of problems in the game. the PS3 version, along with the fixes, gets the much lauded trophies update, adding the achievements that are standard on the 360. so starts my possible new segment: Good news/Bad news.

so the good news: i started a new game. deciding to be an evil character, i started out speaking ill of everyone i met, not adding much to my evil karma meter. i continued through the beginning until i escaped the vault, with two trophies under my belt. i figured it was time to save. so......

Bad news: fallout 3 doesn't save like it predecessor, oblivion. apparently, when you start a new game, you start a new game. so, long story short, the new save autosaved over the old one. unless you actually save a separate game, you're fucked. so, my level 20, 80+ hour fallout save is gone. all the cool weapons, items and armor, as well as game progression......gone.

lucky for me, i love playing this game. this hasn't been the best few weeks for me.


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Maximilian said...

Oh fuck, J! That totally sucks man! I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. But it sounds like you'll have fun replaying it!