Monday, December 22, 2008

(soon to be) IN DECK: merry (early) x-mas to me (on tuseday)

i know, i know. i've been a little down on the PS3 as of late. it's mostly the universal hatred of Home by the gaming media and in turn, everyone that hates the PS3. but i still like the black box. and with x-mas coming up, i decided to (finally) buy myself bioshock, a game i ranted and raved about months ago and forgot to get. i really want to play it and now i am.

on top of that, (and Chrono Trigger on DS AND a 320 gig hard drive for my PS3) i also decided to support the PSN by buying some games that i've been wanting to pick up.

Super Street Fighter 2 HD remix

i recently talked to a friend of mine that i grew up with. he lives in India at the moment and has a PS3. we talked about the old days and street fighter 2 came up. we reminisced about playing all night and i mentioned that street fighter HD remix was (at the time) coming out soon. he suggested that we pick up where we left off years ago: him kicking my ass with cheap ass hits with chung li. fuck chung li. it's all about Guile, baby.

Super Street Fighter 2 Hyper Global Meganet HD Remix is out now for $15.


finally, an old school, side scrolling, hard as fuck shooter. this game looks awesome. i loved life force and i've been waiting for something like this. not alot more i can say about it. seems like more side scrolling shooters would be coming out for the the download services. coupled with online play and it seems like a great fit for the "get in quick/play for 30 minutes" video game market. i saw screens for this game and i knew that it was looking great and that it was going to be a good one to pick up. i'll talk about it more later next week. until then, check out the screen and link.

Soldner-X is out now for $10.

Lumines Supernova

oh yeah! this is it. my favorite PSP game is finally coming to PS3. lumines is my go to game on the PSP. anytime i have some free time, at work or school, pulling off a quick game is always a good idea. so, take all that and put it on the PS3 with new skins and new modes, i'm in. the only downside is that there isn't a online mode. i would have really liked to play people over PSN. but, in this world of DLC, i'm sure we'll see it sooner then later. also, there will be a holiday skin pack for free. that way, it can be x-mas all year long! right...but free stuff is a good way to get people to buy. i'm on it.

Lumines Supernova is out dec 23rd for $15.

Pain: Movie Studios

i really like pain. it's something that i've said before. it's the highest selling PSN game this year. but, some people seem to really not like pain. sure, it's juvenile and obnoxious, but damn if it isn't fun flinging sid, the punk rocker, into the side of a moving car. so after almost a year of no content from idol minds, new levels seem to be flying out of the studio at a crazy pace. this time, it's the movie studio and the addition of the hoff. call me nuts, but throwing david hasselhoff into a some kind of explosive box or barrel sounds like a lot of fun.

Pain: movie studio is out now for $6.

it's been a good year for PS3, even with the numbers coming out at last month. with lumines coming tomorrow, it's enough to get me through the hard times. cheer up, only two months until........

merry x-mas or whatever your deal is.


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