Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where ARE Those Darn Kids...? (And Things to Come...)

Since we've all been busy, even if it's just being busy goofing off, we haven't had many posts since the last edition of "Those Darn Kids..." So because I missed posting the segment on Tuesday (again) and I don't want to post another installment so soon, this week the kids are taking the week off... Little Bastards!

In the meantime, I've been working hard on a Wii Holiday Game Guide, which is almost finished and will at least come in handy for those last minute shoppers among you. I also want to post sort of a "Max's holiday wish list" for games I will get, might get and probably not get (but still want) that I am hoping for under the tree. I also may try to devote a day to the blog to post some installments in other segments. So more to come soon, no "Darn Kids" this week, and thank god Dustin has shown back up on the blog!

I will say that in a Christmas miracle, I may be getting Left 4 Dead as a gift thanks to a certain generous brother of mine, so I'll be playing it much sooner than I thought! I can't wait to play a Boomer and throw up all over Dustin in multiplayer!

Stay frosty!


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Maximilian said...

I should have Left 4 Dead tomorrow! (12/15/08!) J, L4D better be one of the first 360 games you get! Plus, Wii guide is almost done!