Monday, December 15, 2008

Spike TV VGA fallout: J's take

despite not really wanting to, i watched the Spike TV video game awards show against my better judgment. i won't talk about the horrible job jack black did (though the opening was insane!) or the C to F list stars pretending to care about video game to get on tv for a few seconds. neil patrick harris?!?!? really? whatever. that weezer song was fucking awful as well. but, that's not why i watched. no, it was the new trailers and the awards. so here's what is thought about the video game portion of the show:

- GTA4: Game of the Year

i really didn't think GTA was going to win with all the GTA4 "it's not as good as hyped" backlash in the last few months. i knew MGS4 wouldn't win since nothing on PS3 is winning anything in the "best of" category in any press or media outlet. i figured that gears 2 would sweep everything with it's being touted as being some super revolutionary game this year by most. overall, i think it should have been MGS4, but if going by sales, which the Spike awards most likely go by, GTA4 would be my pick as well.

The Lost and the Damned DLC Trailer looked like i'm not missing much. i really didn't like the motorcycle chases and i really wouldn't want to do any more. the new shotgun looked cool. all and all after seeing the new content in motion, i'm more pissed about the fallout 3 DLC i won't get to play. but hey, at least trophies came out today.

- Brutal Legend looks awesome. looks like alot of fun and funnier than hell. i'd like to see more on this one. and rob halford is in it, so it has to be great.

- Fight Night Round 4 Trailer

i'm glad to see this game come back. it didn't look like EA is tinkering with the overall gameplay, which is a good thing. some new and expanded ways to customize your boxer would be cool. and some realistic dreads would be great for a change.

plus, who's glad to see mike tyson back in video game form other then me? tyson vs. ali? i want tyson vs. buster douglas 2. fuck buster douglas. talk about being in the right place at the right time. gamestop has it coming out in sept.

- God of War 3 Trailer

when i heard that god of war 3 would be represented in trailer form, i thought "wow, the game must be not that far off if they are showing gameplay." be fair, who the hell knows when it's coming out. the very brief "Trailer" was just that, brief. it looked cool, but it's short duration has given everyone more ammo to torch sony. way to go, guys. people already think your console can't deliver on any of your promises. a nicely edited trailer, showing ALOT of gameplay would have shut people's mouths. not even tipping your hand too much. just show some flyby footage of a level. a boss. SOMETHING. kratos has some bigass weapons this time around. those metal fists.......holy shit! gamestop has this coming out in oct. we'll see......

- Terminator Salvation Trailer

movie looks like crap. the game looks like crap. sorry it looks like a gears of war ripoff.

- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Trailer

again. it was cool. just not as cool as it could have been. i liked it, but it could have been so much better. it seems like it still has the 'normal guy' reaction to crazy situations type feel, which is what was cool about the nathan drake character. playing as a badass space marine is the oldest shit ever and i'm not interested in most stories involving anything like that. hopefully, sony will start showing this more. and while i'm thinking about it, hopefully sony will start pimping killzone 2 soon. two months out and no commercials? i saw gears 2 tv ads in the last week of august.

- Rock Band Getting Pearl Jam's Album "Ten" as DLC

get back to me when Calculating Infinity is upped.

- Dante's Inferno Reveal and Trailer

what the hell?!! sounds cool. sounds evil. based on a book says kim kardashian. thanks for the heads up. wonder how the unwashed masses will deal with a game based on a book? i wonder if copies of the Divine Comedy will spike? who knows.

so that's it. i figure that GTA4 got lucky getting GotY. the rest will be going to gears 2 or fable 2. fable 2? god, G4 is worthless.

and, for the record, why the fuck is 50 cent still rapping?


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