Monday, December 1, 2008

get a PS3 for $249 (if you have good credit)

you know you want one. admit it. sure, you hear about how much the PS3 sucks compared to the 360. how it's not as much fun as the wii. how it has no games. how no one is ever online talking because there are no games worth playing. all multi-platform games suck ass on PS3. games developed are weak because it's so hard to program for.

but you know, if you could, you would get one.

sure. by now, even the hardest of the hardcore 360 fan has to admit that the PS3 is ok. maybe getting them to admit more might get someone hurt. but, it's a fact. the PS3 is worth having. but it still a little on the pricey side. well, help is on the way. has a deal for a PS3 for.......brace yourself: $249!! wow. the catch: you have to to have a playstation visa credit card when buying. don't have one? well, you can apply for one right on the same page. i mean how hard could it be to get a credit card. i've got one, for god's sake.

with price still the main reason the PS3 isn't jumping further in the console game and sony not dropping the price of the PS3 anytime soon, especially not in march, this could be one of those hidden gems that you could hold over people's heads. "you paid HOW MUCH for a PS3? i got one off sonystyle for $250 bucks!"

besides, it could be worse, i paid $721 for my PS3 in march 2007. of course, i have all the worthless "backwards compatibility" in mine.......


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